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No ordinary Valentine’s Day card

Every Valentine’s Day my husband takes me out to dinner. This is our tradition, our way of celebrating the occasion. I do believe he has the easier task – make a reservation for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, and he’s all set. I, on the other hand, have the challenging task of finding a perfect gift for him. What makes it more challenging is that he does not like receiving gifts – so a fancy tie or another pair of cufflinks just doesn’t do it.  All I end up giving him is a Valentine’s Day card thanking him for being my valentine.

But this year, he will be getting no ordinary Valentine’s Day card.

Send a UNICEF Inspired Gift and this special Valentine card to honor a loved one.

Send a UNICEF Inspired Gift and this special Valentine card to honor a loved one.

I plan to give him a very special UNICEF Inspired Gifts Valentine’s Day card for a gift made in his honor to help provide nutrition to 50 children. It couldn’t have been more perfect. My husband and I get to share a lovely dinner, he gets a card and a gift and we are able to send a token of love to children in need.

Through UNCEF Inspired Gifts, you can honor a loved one by buying an actual lifesaving item that will be shipped to children in need in one of more than 150 countries worldwide. You simply select the lifesaving item you would like to give, and can either email or print the accompanying  UNICEF Inspired Gifts Valentine’s Day card.  No, it’s not a traditional Valentine’s Day gift. It is not a substitute for the dinners, flowers or chocolates that we all want for the occasion, but it is a way to make the occasion even more meaningful by sharing your love in a way that has a life-changing impact on children lives’ around the world.

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