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This Valentine’s Day, Give an Inspired Gift

UNICEF Inspired Gifts for Valentine's DayBorn and raised in India, I am fluent in Hindi. Sometimes, when I speak English, an idiom or phrase in Hindi will pop into my head that perfectly expresses the thought or sentiment of the moment. This past weekend, as I was reading the Sunday paper filled with gift ideas, I thought of a Hindi idiom that sums up Valentine’s Day beautifully for me: “Baantne se pyar badhta hai”—“Love grows with sharing.

As you think about getting the perfect gift for your Valentine, what better way to celebrate the occasion than to share their love of food, for sports or for reading—and at the same time help children in over 150 countries and territories around the world! You could give a UNICEF Inspired Gift of therapeutic milk to boost child survival in honor of the food lover in your life, soccer balls that allow kids to be kids for the sports fan, or story books for the avid reader in your life. Once you’ve selected your Inspired Gift, choose an eCard or a printable card to announce the gift made in honor of your Valentine and how it will be shared to help kids around the world. Show your love for your Valentine, and share their love for books, sports or food with children in need with a UNICEF Inspired Gift.

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  1. Emily Pasnak-Lapchick
    Posted February 14, 2013 at 9:13 am | Permalink

    Many Valentine’s Day gifts – such as mainstream flowers and chocolate – are often products of the labor of exploited children, women, and men. Working long hours with little to no pay, many of the children are victims of human trafficking. Be sure to investigate where your Valentine’s presents come from!

    The good news is, UNICEF Inspired Gifts are ethically sourced!

    Thank you for providing this information, Vijita. It’s great to know there are alternatives.

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