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Infographic: Update on Typhoon Haiyan

Typhoon Haiyan has brought flash floods, landslides and immense destruction to the Philippines. The storm, known locally as “Yolanda,” was one of the most powerful on record. Here’s a look at the latest numbers.

Typhoon Haiyan affected millions and the numbers are rising. 13 million people affected. 5 million are children. 1.9 million people displaced. At least 300,000 are children. 60,000 pregnant or nursing mothers were also displaced by Haiyan. Children are disproportionately affected. 35% of the Philippines' population is under the age of 15, compared to 26% globally. UNICEF has sent life-saving emergency supplies to the Philippines, including: 20 generators to power water treatment plants; 1,200 water quality testing kits; 10,000 packs of water purification tablets; 1,860 tarpaulins; 72 tents; 30 emergency health kits; and 3,000 hygiene kits. Tarpaulins and tents can be used as schools and safe spaces for kids.

Sources: OCHA Philippines; UNICEF; NDRRMC; Population Division of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

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  1. Isha Thapar
    Posted November 16, 2013 at 11:44 am | Permalink

    Help the children in Phillipines

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