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A weekly news roundup highlighting the best of the FieldNotes blog and online coverage of UNICEF issues.

Best of the FieldNotes and UNICEF Blogs

Infographic: Vaccines Work

“All I have now is my daughter.”

  • After his sons are forced into the fighting, a South Sudanese man makes an arduous journey with his three-year-old daughter to get help from UNICEF.

Giving a voice to the poor

  • A UNICEF expert argues that the poor should have more say in the programs meant to help them.

UNICEF Issues in the News

Thanks, Bill!

  • Bill Gates tweets his support for UNICEF’s work on immunization, in Business Insider.

Bearing the burden of war

  • The Guardian reports that 95% of the South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia are women and children in search of food, water and shelter.

Photos: Crossing the border

  • An intimate look at the dangers Syrian families face to reach safety in Lebanon, from Al Jazeera.

“I know how hard it is for those kids on the street.”

  • The Thunder’s Serge Ibaka is honored by the NBA and Kia for his work with UNICEF, from the Oklahoman.

A tale of two diseases

  • A provocative comparison of China’s efforts fighting tuberculosis and malaria, from the Council on Foreign Relations blog.

And one more…

Video: Dance, dance revolution

  • The technology that got one woman back on the dance floor could help amputees everywhere, in the Christian Science Monitor.

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