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Death toll rising in Myanmar

The numbers coming out of Myanmar (as high as 10,000 according to the foreign minister referenced in the New York Times) make Friday’s cyclone the world’s deadliest storm since a 1999 cyclone in India.

An estimated 100,000 people–many of them children–are now homeless. Their most urgent needs are plastic sheeting for shelter, water purification tablets, cooking sets, bed nets, emergency health kits and food.

UNICEF has been working continuously in Myanmar since 1950, and will take the lead in addressing children’s needs in this crisis.

If you would like to make a donation in support of these efforts, click here.

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UNICEF on the ground in Myanmar

— Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar over the weekend, killing hundreds and leaving thousands homeless. UNICEF has staff on the ground and supplies pre-positioned to help children and families.

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A message from Sir Roger Moore KBE

— Goodwill Ambassador Sir Roger Moore shares his thoughts about the importance of legacies.

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They like us, they really like us!

Fieldnotes at Blogged
We got a lovely email this week from Amy at blogged.com informing us that they’ve given Fieldnotes a rating of “great” based our content and design.

Thanks, Blogged! We’re going for “excellent” now…

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Wentworth Miller fans get busy for UNICEF

Wentworth Miller fans around the world are doing something special for his birthday: fundraising for UNICEF to help the world’s children.

The Wentworth Miller Fans for Charity site went live this week and enables “anyone who wishes to make a donation to this cause in lieu of a birthday gift to Wentworth” to do so through June 30.

Fans of the Prison Break star conceived the project as a way to show their appreciation and support for their favorite actor by donating to a charity of his choice. Miller left the choice up to them, but suggested a focus on children’s services.

How cool is that?

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[Tap Project] Did you see it?

— The Empire State Building went blue for the Tap Project last night! Just one of the many amazing things going on across the country as people join together to help children everywhere get access to clean, lifesaving water.

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