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Author Archives: Adam Fifield, UNICEF USA

Stefan and Susan Findel Give Their All for Children

Susan and Stefan Findel play "sheep and wolves" with children from Ferooz Behar in Bamiyan, Afghanistan. © Alistair Gretarsson, UNICEF.

— An excerpt from Every Child, a magazine from the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. Over the last 20 years, Susan and Stefan Findel have contributed more than $25 million to UNICEF, providing crucial support for an array of programs, including an ambitious new education initiative called “Let Us Learn,” benefiting children in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Liberia, Madagascar […]

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Sandy’s Aftermath Looms Large in Haiti

Emergency aid in Haiti

— Before Sandy devastated New York, New Jersey, and other parts of the U.S., it hit Haiti, heaping new misery onto a country that has already seen far more than its share. Still recovering from 2010’s monster earthquake, the western hemisphere’s poorest country has suffered cholera outbreaks, drought, and the damage of Tropical Storm Isaac in August. Now, add Sandy’s wrath.

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Responding to emergencies loud and silent


— Few people may get excited to read weighty, official reports. But UNICEF’s Humanitarian Action for Children 2012 is no ordinary report. Instead, it is a gripping portrait of the devastating toll of disasters all over the world and the unrelenting efforts of UNICEF and others to save those in their path.

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2011 in review: read the Annual Report


— Inspiring stories of survival and UNICEF triumphs, compelling supporter highlights, examples of lifesaving contributions, accounts of U.S. Fund National and Regional Board leadership — the 2011 U.S. Fund for UNICEF Annual Report has it all.

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‘Every Child’ on scribd now

Every Child, No. 3, 2011

— ‘Every Child’ gives you a front row seat to UNICEF’s work in the field and highlights some of the contributions, partnerships, and volunteer efforts that make that work possible. As my colleague, Jen Banbury, and I compile the story list for each issue of ‘Every Child’, we always learn something new about UNICEF and are continually surprised by the ingenuity and resolve of UNICEF staff.

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Super Dads: A father’s worries

Every parent worries. Along with the joy of raising children comes a long, ever-growing list of concerns: the flu, choking, cars, swimming pools, strangers, sharp corners, sharp tools, electrical outlets, carbon monoxide leaks…

I could go on for thousands and thousands of words. After I became a father almost five years ago, I remember thinking that the number of potential hazards is overwhelming, endless — and that you can never let your guard down.

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