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Thursday Video: Haiti, ripe for change

Cathiana Sylne – a production assistant at the U.S. Fund for UNICEF – is from Haiti. She made this video in response to the recent earthquake.

As Haiti faces one of the hardest times in her history, it is important to remember that new opportunities lie on the horizon. Opportunities for Haiti to form tighter bonds with the rest of the world, to conquer a history of poverty and to rebuild stronger and better. Haiti is ripe for change.

To support UNICEF’s continuing efforts in Haiti, please visit www.unicefusa.org/haitiquake.org.

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UNICEF’s Next Generation goes to Guatemala

Casey Rotter is a development officer at the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. On Saturday, February 13, she leaves for a week-long field trip to Guatemala with members of UNICEF’s Next Generation.

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Haiti on my caller I.D.

Cathiana Sylne

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Give the gift of hope to a child who needs it most

Valentine’s Day is just about a week away. This year, give your special someone a gift that’s more meaningful and with an impact that can last a lifetime– the gift of hope to a child who needs it most from Inspired Gifts.

Inspired Gifts is an innovative program that gives you the opportunity to purchase actual life-saving items that will be shipped directly from both the UNICEF warehouse in Copenhagen and one of UNICEF’s many suppliers to one of over 150 countries where UNICEF serves. Inspired Gifts are actual items like warm blankets, water purification tablets, first aid kits, and oral rehydration salts.

Smiling girls carry blankets and other items they received during a distribution of newly arrived care packages for children, at the UNICEF-assisted Foye Zanmi Jezi orphanage, in the Lilavois neighborhood of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

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UNICEF’s Nadine Perrault on Haiti

UNICEF child protection expert Nadine Perrault was immediately deployed to Haiti after the earthquake struck last month. Perrault, who is normally based at UNICEF’s Latin America and Caribbean Regional Office in Panama, was sent to support UNICEF’s work on the ground, including efforts to identify and protect unaccompanied children. During her time there, she witnessed both horrible and heartwarming scenes in Port-au-Prince. Upon her return from Haiti, Perrault visited the U.S. Fund for UNICEF offices in New York and shared some of her thoughts and experiences in a video interview.

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Newsnet: As Haiti news coverage dwindles, UNICEF’s work is just beginning

News coverage of the Haiti earthquake and the fight to help survivors is steadily dropping off three weeks after the disaster. As many other stories vie for a spot in the ever-accelerating news cycle, reporting on Haiti is becoming more sporadic and less prominent. News organizations like CNN and The Voice of America deserve credit for keeping the story in play and for spotlighting the acute need for further assistance.

The sobering truth is that in the wake of a calamity as devastating as last month’s earthquake, it is usually weeks or months after the initial crisis

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