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On the ground: Relief efforts for the Haiti Earthquake

Ordinarily, the tiny town of Jimani on the Dominican Republic’s southwest border with Haiti could be described as sleepy and nondescript. Safe for the military barracks and a few outdoor produce markets, day-to-day life seems to pass without much variation. This has all dramatically changed however in the days since a massive earthquake rocked Haiti, reducing its capital and surrounding communities to rubble.

Haitians seeking treatment and curious area residents congregate outside a hospital in the small border town of Jimani in the Dominican Republic.

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Helping Haiti: We’re in this together

When we started our social media efforts, we knew it would provide us with a great way to communicate with like-minded individuals interested in UNICEF’s work. It has been a wonderful channel to speak directly with our volunteers and inform the masses of the work that’s being done for the world’s children.

However, nothing could prepare us for the overwhelming response we’ve received over the past few days. The generosity of the community coming together to help those affected by the earthquake in Haiti is nothing short of incredible.

From celebrities posting videos on YouTube, friends sharing articles on Facebook, and THOUSANDS of tweets, everyone online is doing their part.

Survivors gather on a street in Port-au-Prince in the aftermath of the massive earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010.

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New Year’s resolution: change the world

— New Year’s resolutions tend to be more about changing ourselves than changing the world. But sometimes, grandiose as it sounds, changing yourself can mean changing the world. Eight-year-old Jack, a third-grader with a mission, is proof of that. © U.S. Fund for UNICEF Jack & Ivan are proof that no matter how old you are […]

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Clay Aiken: progress in Somalia

UNICEF Ambassador Clay Aiken originally wrote this blog post for The Huffington Post on December 29, 2009. Please consider making a donation today to support UNICEF’s lifesaving work for children in Somalia.

Clay Aiken on a recent field visit to Somolia.

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Going for the goal

For me, the sport of soccer evokes memories of a suburban childhood: freshly laundered uniforms and energy drinks, grass stains and post-game pizza parties. Never once during the many years of weekend tournaments and afternoon practices did I consider the children across the world enjoying the same sport, in dusty streets and alleyways instead of newly sodded fields. And I certainly never considered the many children denied the fundamental right I took for granted each day

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Protecting the next generation from HIV/AIDS in Zambia

Elizabeth Merola recently visited UNICEF programs in Zambia. In this post, she recounts the experience of visiting a rural health clinic.

The drive to Keemba Rural Health Clinic from the closest town is a long and bumpy ride due to the uneven dirt roads. Looking out the window I see children walking to and from school alongside the road and across fields that are being prepared for the first rains of the season. Cows are crazing and ox carts are transporting people from one village to the next.

When we arrive at the clinic, mothers with their children are waiting for post-natal and prevention of mother-to-child treatment (PMTCT) care. The nurses dressed in white stand out among the women with colorful wraps.

I am immediately drawn to Brenda who is 7 months old and attached to the back of her mother, Rolina. Rolina waits patiently in line for her turn to speak with the nurse. Her calmness gives me the impression that there is no urgency for her visit and she has been in this position many times before.

Rolina and Terrance with daughter Brenda.

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