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David Beckham: Stand Up for Syrian Children

— As the conflict in Syria enters its fourth year, soccer legend and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham is speaking up for the country’s children, calling on people around the world to make their voices heard and prevent an entire generation from losing its future. Watch the video:  

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Sacramento Kings and NYC Kids Come Together for UNICEF

DeMarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay of the NBA's Sacramento Kings with President and CEO of U.S. Fund For UNICEF Caryl Stern and UNIS High School students at an event recognizing New York City students for their efforts to help with the UNICEF Tap Project at Trump SoHo on March 8, 2014 in New York City.

— Sacramento Kings stars like Rudy Gay, DeMarcus Cousins, Ben McLemore, Isaiah Thomas, Derrick Williams and Jason Thompson joined forces with a group of high school students from the United Nations International School (UNIS) yesterday in New York City for a shared mission: help UNICEF get clean, safe water to kids around the world. I learned […]

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A Mother’s Story — What Parents Need to Know About Trafficking

Jamie Chesman, mother of trafficking survivor and anti-trafficking activist Danielle Douglas, has worked with UNICEF USA'S End Trafficking project to raise awareness of human trafficking in the United States.

— This year, the End Trafficking project has had the honor of working with Jamie Chesman. Jamie’s daughter, Danielle Douglas, is a survivor of human trafficking and an anti-trafficking activist. Danielle was 17 years old, a freshman at Northeastern University, when she met the trafficker who forced her into two years of sex slavery. She shared her story of […]

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Exposing Human Trafficking’s Lies — GIFT Box USA in Union Square

The UN GIFT Box, installed at New York City's Union Square to raise awareness of human trafficking.

— Emily Pasnak-Lapchick is an End Trafficking Fellow in New York. To support Human Trafficking Awareness Month, FieldNotes and the End Trafficking project are running a series of posts on child trafficking. Get an education and a better future. We can live happily ever after. See the world and earn good money. Holiday work: meet new […]

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Angie Harmon Field Visit: UNICEF’s War on Trafficking in Nicaragua

A youth leader in Bluefields, Nicaragua shows UNICEF Ambassador Angie Harmon a mural that adolescents painted illustrating the issue of human trafficking.

— Throughout January, Human Trafficking Awareness Month, FieldNotes and the End Trafficking project are running a series of posts on child trafficking. UNICEF Ambassador Angie Harmon is a passionate spokesperson for UNICEF USA’s End Trafficking Project. She traveled last week to Nicaragua where UNICEF is fighting to protect children from sexual exploitation and keep them out of […]

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Why I Give to the Bridge Fund

Ian Rosenfield and Susanne Caballero at the 2014 UNICEF Ball in Los Angeles.

— Ian Rosenfield is the first board chair of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF’s Northwest Region. He and his wife Susanne Caballero have supported the Bridge Fund since its creation. They recently provided $100,000 in grant support that will allow the Bridge Fund to continue to provide flexible capital for UNICEF emergency supply needs. We spoke to Ian […]

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