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Orlando Bloom Visits Syrian Refugees in Jordan


— Christine Nesbitt is UNICEF’s Senior Photography Editor. In UNICEF’s Photo of the Week (above), taken by photographer Giovanni Diffidenti, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Orlando Bloom shares a laugh with 12-year-old Esmaeil near his family’s two-room dwelling in the northern city of Irbid, Jordan. Esmaeil, his parents and his five siblings are refugees from the northern Syrian […]

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— A weekly news roundup highlighting the best of the FieldNotes blog and online coverage of UNICEF issues. Best of the FieldNotes Blog Stranded on the Nile UNICEF responds to a surge of displaced people from South Sudan. “We are running against time.” In West Africa, UNICEF races to stop the spread of Ebola. Hopeful signs […]

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UNICEF Ramps Up Response as Ebola Threat Grows

A UNICEF worker in Guinea shares information about how to prevent the spread of Ebola virus. A recent outbreak has already claimed the lives of three children.

— UNICEF is ramping up its response to the recent outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa, which began in Guinea in March and has since spread within the country and across its borders, claiming dozens more lives. With the total number of confirmed cases approaching 200 — more than half of them fatal — UNICEF […]

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UNICEF Looks Out for Vulnerable Children in Ukraine

A baby sleeps in a playpen in a UNICEF-supported children's home in Ukraine, where political unrest and a weak economy threaten to undermine important health and social services.

— Ongoing political unrest in Ukraine has prompted UNICEF to send assessment teams to determine how best to support vulnerable children and families. Of particular concern is how political and economic pressures will impact important health, education and social services. Geopolitical changes and military operations in Crimea have already displaced nearly 3,000 people, most of them […]

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70,000 Thanks to Our Volunteers!

U.S. Fund for UNICEF volunteers at a campus summit

— In honor of National Volunteer Week (April 6-12), we’d like to recognize the incredible work of 70,000-plus volunteers across the United States, who have spent countless hours educating, advocating and fundraising on behalf of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. Thank you, volunteers! Volunteers are instrumental in everything we do to help the world’s children. You […]

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South Sudanese Flee Upriver to Escape Violence

Boys in Minkaman, South Sudan, launch their canoe into the Nile River. The fishing village now hosts the highest concentration of people displaced by the violent conflict.

— Christopher Tidey is a UNICEF communications specialist on mission to South Sudan. Up until a few months ago, Minkaman, a fishing village on the Nile River, had fewer than 5,000 inhabitants. Since South Sudan’s political crisis erupted on Dec. 15, 2013, the village’s population has swelled to 100,000, as more and more families have fled […]

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