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Partnering with Polaris Project to combat trafficking

End Trafficking Fellow Emily Pasnak-Lapchick, DC Global Citizenship Fellow Aarti Singh and Polaris Project Fellows on the campus of American University. Photo by Jennifer Chan.

— Earlier this month I had the privilege of attending a screening of the documentary Not My Life, at American University in Washington D.C. The screening was coordinated by the End Trafficking team at UNICEF, our Global Citizenship Fellow Aarti Singh, and American University’s UNICEF Campus Initiative. The End Trafficking project is a U.S. Fund for UNICEF initiative that raises awareness about human trafficking and mobilizes communities to take meaningful action to help protect children.

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Students lend a leg for a landmine-free world

PSALM students with Lend Your Leg posters. Photo courtesy Nora Sheets/WVCBL.

— At the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, we believe that students can play a vital role in helping the world’s children survive and thrive. That’s why we are so impressed with a group in West Virginia called Proud Students Against Landmines and Cluster Bombs (PSALM).

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From our classroom in NYC to 42 new classrooms around the world

© Purvi Padia | Preschoolers learning about School-in-a-Box

— Being the mother of an almost four-year-old boy, I thought it was important that he start understanding how fortunate he is and that it is his civic responsibility to give back to those who are less fortunate. Philanthropy and compassion are things I believe can be instilled at a very young age. I wanted to do this in a way he could relate to and thought what better way than giving him an outlet to help other children around the world. I thought the UNICEF School-in-a-Box was the perfect introduction to UNICEF for preschoolers.

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UNICEF’s Next Generation is working to save lives one water drop at a time

© U.S. Fund for UNICEF | John Kluge at a UNICEF-supported water point in Ethiopia, during the Next Gen trip to Ethiopia in 2011.

— We are all excited to announce that UNICEF’s Next Generation has chosen its next project to raise $100,000 for the UNICEF Tap Project… water, sanitation, and hygiene programs in Togo, Vietnam, Cameroon, and Mauritania. With supporters like you, we are making a difference. The world has met the United Nations Millennium Development Goal target of halving the proportion of people without access to safe drinking water. Between 1990 and 2010, more than two billion people gained access to improved drinking water sources. Yet 783 million people around the world do not have access to safe water and 2.5 billion—nearly HALF of humanity—live without proper sanitation. Help us promote and support the UNICEF Tap Project.

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Seeking Congressional support for UNICEF to help children survive

Please take a stand for children by asking your Senators and Representative to maintain the funding for UNICEF.

— The U.S. Government’s contribution to UNICEF helps the United States – and the American people – to save children who would die without our assistance. Please take a stand for children by signing our online petition asking your Senators and Representative to maintain the funding for UNICEF at $132 million for Fiscal 2013. With your action, you can help UNICEF help more children!

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From Caryl Stern: The passing of a children’s champion

— The U.S. Fund for UNICEF mourns the passing of the Honorable Donald M. Payne, the U.S. Representative of the 10th District of New Jersey.

Congressman Payne had an impressive career, marked by his advocacy for human rights here and around the world, for the fulfillment of human needs, and for prosperity and justice for all. He provided outstanding service to his constituents, to his country, and to the world.

UNICEF supporters especially salute him for his global work to save and to improve the lives of vulnerable children. He used his position of leadership on the House Foreign Affairs Committee to fight for the needs of those caught in emergencies, from Haiti to Darfur to the Horn of Africa. He was a key leader in the efforts to defeat malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS, and other ongoing challenges to global health.

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