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UNICEF on Fast Company’s 2014 Most Innovative Companies List

A community health worker sends a RapidSMS message for an ambulance from the house of a pregnant woman in northern Rwanda. © UNICEF/RWAA2011-00484/Shehzad Noorani

— “For delivering rapid solutions for local problems,” Fast Company featured UNICEF on its Feb. 13 list of the world’s most innovative companies. The magazine honored UNICEF for RapidSMS, a mobile data-collection technology that has helped millions of children receive birth registration through text messages. But it’s only one of many innovative technologies UNICEF is using to help […]

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Infographic: 1 in 3 Children Under Five Doesn’t Officially Exist

— Birth registration is both a right and a necessity. Without a birth certificate, a child might not get access to vital services like health care and education. UNICEF marked its 67th birthday this week with the release of Every Child’s Birth Right, a report focusing on the world’s “invisible children“. Here are some highlights. Learn […]

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UNICEF’s Birthday Wish: A Birth Certificate for Every Child

A Bangladeshi mother holds her child and his birth registration card.

— UNICEF turns 67 today, and it marked its birthday with the release of Every Child’s Birth Right. This report focuses a spotlight on the “Invisible Children,” the 230 million children under the age of five who lack birth certificates. One in three children does not officially exist Around the world, one in three children under the […]

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Field Visit: In Uganda, UNICEF Innovation in Action

Dr. Abubaker at Gulu District Regional Hospital observing child birth certificate registration by local staff. The computers, software, and training for child birth registration are provided by UNICEF. Photo credit: Karen Turney, UNICEF USA.

— Dr. Yaseen Abubaker is a rheumatologist in private practice in Atlanta and a member of the Southeast regional board of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. As a U.S. Fund supporter, I was excited to see UNICEF’s work, so I prepared for my trip in early September by reading up on Uganda. Among several startling facts, […]

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Inspired Kicks: Eric from Ivory Coast

— My name is Eric, I’m 13 years old and I am in my second year of high school. I live with my mother in Bondoukou in the North East of the Ivory Coast. In Bondoukou, many of my friends were never registered at birth and don’t go to school, especially the girls.
UNICEF and the Football Federation of the Ivory Coast organized a soccer tournament from May 12 to 16 for boys and girls aged between seven and seventeen years here at Bondoukou and Odienne called “Right to Score” (“Droit O But”). We played soccer with 300 children and in doing so, sent a message to adults to respect our rights.
My team was called “The Unregistered Children” but didn’t win because of our goalkeeper. We still enjoyed ourselves though and I had the opportunity to tell parents that they should register their children at birth at the mayor’s office and to enroll them at school.

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The census and child rights

Elizabeth Kiem is the online producer of unicefusa.org.

It’s census time. Every ten years, the government wants a head count and they’re relying on us to make it accurate. And while some of us look at the trifold form with a certain curiosity (they want my phone number so that they can call if they don’t understand one of my answers? really?); there are plenty of Americans who bristle at the notion of the government taking notes on their age, sex, race, or habit of “sometimes staying at a second residence.”

Now, while the government’s respect for individual privacy is not something to mock, the importance of universal documentation as a tool for social protection is also no laughing matter.

So today’s video pokes some fun at the census bashers, turning the complaint that the count has racist or Anti-American motivations on its head. The fact that Stephen Colbert manages to get the U.S. Fund in on the joke makes the clip all the more relevent.

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For sixty years, UNICEF has been advancing the condition of children all over the world, independent of race, family status or citizenship. Indeed, ensuring that a child is COUNTED from his first day in the world is a prerequisite for guaranteeing a child’s many other rights: to medical care, to an education and to legal protection.

Still, one in three developing countries fail to register at least half of their newborns. Some 50 million births go unregistered every year. That’s 50 million marginalized children.

They lack the documentation that could protect them from child labor, early marriage, underage conscription or human trafficking. From Paraguay to Gambia to Bangladesh, UNICEF is working hard to make governments more accountable to their youngest constituents.

And we’re proud of that.

So when you see the bold letters on your census envelope declaring that YOUR RESPONSE IS REQUIRED BY LAW, please think of your children and understand – that’s how it should be.

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