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Kids’ fundraising for Haiti rebuilds more than buildings

— A recent New York Times article struck me as a reminder that one of the things damaged by the January earthquake in Haiti was the direct connection that many Haitian-Americans are able to have with the country’s vibrant culture and history.

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Four years after THE tsunami

There’s no way I can forget the date of the massive 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami: the tsunami struck December 26, which happens to be my birthday. The next day, my husband

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UNICEF and emergencies

— The Myanmar cyclone and the China earthquake. It’s very unusual for two natural disasters of such massive scale to occur within such a small window of time. Luckily, UNICEF is used to dealing with more than one emergency at once, while also ensuring that none of the ongoing programs in more than 150 countries where we work in suffer. I guess you could say we’re very good at multi-tasking on a global level.

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