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2013 in Review: UNICEF’s Year in Pictures

Two girls attend school at Alpha Moya school in Timbuktu, Mali, a facility that has been re-furnished with help from UNICEF.

— From the Philippines to Syria to the Sahel, in 2013 UNICEF delivered vital services to children in crisis. Here at home, the U.S. Fund for UNICEF mobilized support from people across the United States to guarantee that UNICEF will be there in the coming year to help and protect the world’s most vulnerable children, wherever […]

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Some Good News for Children

Children get vaccinated in Côte d Ivoire

— The world has seen “stunning” gains in child survival and health, according to The New York Times’ Tina Rosenberg in a recent column citing UNICEF’s work. Her article shares heartening results from a new study called the Global Burden of Disease report. Among them: over the past 20 years, the mortality rate for children under five has dropped worldwide, in some countries by as much as 70 percent.

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Monday photo: Silent emergency in Sahel

— In the arid strip of land below the Sahara desert, there is a food crisis that has gone well beyond emergency levels. Last week, UNICEF announced that in some parts of the drought-stricken country of Chad, 1 in 4 children are suffering acute malnutrition.

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We can save more lives every day

— UNICEF has released the latest child mortality figures, and I am deeply heartened to report that the number of children under age 5 dying every day has dropped yet again: from 24,000 to 22,000.

That number is down from 25,500 four years ago, and means that, since 1990 — when 34,000 died every day — UNICEF and its partners have helped cut the global under-five mortality rate by 1/3.

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NYT: How Plumpy’Nut is saving lives

If you haven’t already, read this in-depth story in the New York Times about Plumpy’nut, the revolutionary therapeutic food that pulls children back from the brink of severe malnutrition.

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Closer and closer to zero

It’s a very exciting day for us here at the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. As you may have seen in this morning’s New York Times, UNICEF has announced that the number of children under the age of five dying each day from preventable causes has dropped to 24,000. Only three years ago, 25,5000 children were dying each day. Just imagine

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