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UNICEF Looks Out for Vulnerable Children in Ukraine

A baby sleeps in a playpen in a UNICEF-supported children's home in Ukraine, where political unrest and a weak economy threaten to undermine important health and social services.

— Ongoing political unrest in Ukraine has prompted UNICEF to send assessment teams to determine how best to support vulnerable children and families. Of particular concern is how political and economic pressures will impact important health, education and social services. Geopolitical changes and military operations in Crimea have already displaced nearly 3,000 people, most of them […]

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UNICEF Report: Children Under Siege in Syria

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— Donate Now The number of Syrian children who need humanitarian assistance has more than doubled in a year — according to a new report published today by UNICEF. The most hard hit: up to a million children trapped in areas of Syria that are under siege or are hard to reach because of violence. Under […]

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UNICEF Statement on Anti-Homosexuality Laws


— Today 78 countries around the world have laws that subject their citizens to severe criminal penalties for homosexuality. Such laws not only undermine human rights – they can also fuel discrimination, stigma and even violence against people on the basis of their perceived sexual orientation and gender identities. And the impact of these laws can […]

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A Mother’s Story — What Parents Need to Know About Trafficking

Jamie Chesman, mother of trafficking survivor and anti-trafficking activist Danielle Douglas, has worked with UNICEF USA'S End Trafficking project to raise awareness of human trafficking in the United States.

— This year, the End Trafficking project has had the honor of working with Jamie Chesman. Jamie’s daughter, Danielle Douglas, is a survivor of human trafficking and an anti-trafficking activist. Danielle was 17 years old, a freshman at Northeastern University, when she met the trafficker who forced her into two years of sex slavery. She shared her story of […]

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How Violence Plagues the World’s Poor

Photograph courtesy of IJM

— “The locusts of everyday violence have been allowed to swarm unabated in the developing world. And they are laying waste to the hope of the poor.” – Gary A. Haugen and Victor Boutros in their new book, ”The Locust Effect” While working in over 190 countries and territories around the world, UNICEF comes face to face […]

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In Colombia, UNICEF Helps Put Kids Back in School

A student (right) tells Rosa Jimenez, project coordinator for "La Escuela Busca al Niño, La Niña" (left), about her experience returning to school. Photo: Kristen Mangelinkx.

— Kristen Mangelinkx is Vice President, Regional Fundraising, at the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. She writes from her field visit to Colombia. We left the old city of Cartagena and drove south for an hour to reach Arjona where UNICEF and the University of Cartagena have teamed up to address the issue of children who are […]

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