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Infographic: $1.80 Can Save a Child from Tetanus

— Tetanus is an excruciating disease that kills one newborn every nine minutes. Yet it’s easy — and cheap — to prevent. Since 1999, UNICEF and its partners have immunized more than 118 million women in 50 countries against, and have eliminated the disease in 34 countries. What will you do with $1.80?

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As Polio Spreads to Iraq , UNICEF & WHO Aim to Immunize 20 Million Children

10-day-old Mohammed receives his immunization against polio at a UNICEF-supported health center in the Domiz camp for Syrian refugees in Iraq.

— Polio vaccination campaigns commenced in Syria, Iraq and Egypt early this month, aiming to reach more than 20 million children. For Iraq, this will be the first nationwide vaccination campaign since a case of polio was confirmed by the Ministry of Health in March in a six-month-old boy from Rusafa, northern Baghdad. “The recent detection […]

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Interactive: India’s Journey to Polio Eradication

Timeline preview - India Polio

— To mark World Immunization Week, we’d like to recognize one of history’s great public health achievements: the eradication of polio in India. Just five years ago, India accounted for half of polio cases worldwide, but in March 2014, the World Health Organization officially certified India as polio-free. This interactive timeline explains how India won the battle […]

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Infographic: Vaccines Work

— This World Immunization Week, UNICEF is highlighting one of the most cost-effective public health investments — vaccines. Vaccines have helped to cut child deaths in half over the last two decades. Yet today, 1.5 million children under five still die every year from diseases that could have been prevented by vaccines. Learn more in this […]

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India Celebrates Major Milestone in Polio Eradication

A child receives the polio vaccine in a slum in Mumbai, india. © UNICEF/INDA2012-00433/Sandeep Biswas

— Once considered the most stubborn of breeding grounds for polio, India reached a major milestone today, marking three years since its last-reported polio case. Without a single new infection in the past two years, India can claim to be polio-free. Nicole Deutsch, head of polio operations for UNICEF in India, called it a “monumental milestone”. […]

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UNICEF Fights Rising Childhood Malnutrition in Afghanistan

Afghan mother Sheela holds her 4 month old son Naim in Indira Gandhi Hospital in Kabul. UNICEF supplies the hospital with therapeutic food to treat malnourished Afghan children

— Malnutrition is on the rise in Afghanistan, the New York Times reported on Sunday, with hospitals across the country revealing significant increases in admissions for severe acute malnutrition among children. Bost Hospital in Helmland province, for example, is admitting 200 children a month, a four-fold increase in two years. The hospital has doubled its capacity, […]

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