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A Kimberly-Clark employee’s view from the field

As Kimberly-Clark Brazil’s liaison for UNICEF, Jefferson Correia has had the opportunity to see UNICEF’s child survival initiatives in Brazil firsthand. In Jeff’s own words: “This role has given me the chance to better understand UNICEF’s projects and the country where I live.”

In Brazil, Kimberly-Clark and UNICEF have been partners since 2007. Since then, Kimberly-Clark has partnered with UNICEF by supporting projects to address the needs of indigenous children and adolescents living in the Amazon and quilombolas (Afro-Brazilian) populations in the desert-like Semi-Arid region. These two populations represent the lowest child development rates in the country, live far away from where the resources are, and are quite distant from authorities, statistics and public opinion. Despite all of the difficulties facing these children, I was surprised to see how much potential exists, thanks to UNICEF’s efforts and the support offered by local NGOs. I witnessed these young people attending schools and fighting to improve illiteracy rates. They are receiving quality educations, related to their local culture and context, which are enabling them to become conscious citizens as adults.

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Closer and closer to zero

It’s a very exciting day for us here at the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. As you may have seen in this morning’s New York Times, UNICEF has announced that the number of children under the age of five dying each day from preventable causes has dropped to 24,000. Only three years ago, 25,5000 children were dying each day. Just imagine

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Have you read Every Child?

My colleague Adam Fifield and I spend a lot of time writing about child survival issues. And most of the writing we do isn’t for this blog

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Where’s the UNICEF Snowflake?

Throughout the holiday season, the UNICEF Snowflake is suspended above the intersection of 57th Street and 5th Avenue in New York City. It serves as a symbol of hope for children around the world, and reminds us to never forget the 25,000 children that fall prey to preventable causes every day across the globe.

When the Snowflake is taken down in mid-January, it returns to its just-as-glamorous home away from home… a cozy warehouse in Harlem, New York. Stored in five giant crates (3 branches per crate, and one for the core), the Snowflake is tucked safely away for the year with many of the other holiday decorations that transform New York City into a winter wonderland.

Anne Linder in front of one of the 5 crates that hold the UNICEF Snowflake.
© U.S. Fund for UNICEF/2009
Anne Linder in front of one of the 5 crates that hold the UNICEF Snowflake.

In preparation for its 2009 debut, the Snowflake will be inspected for damages. Any broken or damaged crystals will be replaced (a cold winter can take its toll!) and new engraved crystals will be installed.

The UNICEF Snowflake will reappear in mid-November; polished, rested and recharged for its light to be seen around the world.

Be sure to visit unicefsnowflake.org to learn more.

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Obama calls for steps that will help us get to “zero”

President Barack Obama has announced that his Administration is crafting a comprehensive Global Health Initiative. He is seeking an integrated approach to global health that will include, in his words, efforts “to combat diseases that claim the lives of 26,000 children each day.” He intends to invest in measures to “reduce mortality of mothers and children under five, saving millions of lives.”

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Hero or Zero?

“From zero to hero”

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