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A girl struggles to survive conflict and cholera

Last December, as fighting increased in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and thousands of children continued to flee the ravages of war, Mungwiko landed at the Virunga Hospital in Goma

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Newsnet: Zimbabwe’s cholera crisis

Zimbabwe’s raging cholera epidemic has become one of the world’s largest outbreaks of the disease ever recorded, infecting more than 60,000 people and claiming more than 3,100 lives.

Fueled by economic and social crises, a lack of safe drinking water and sanitation, and a disintegrating health system, the epidemic has spread to all of Zimbabwe’s 10 provinces.

This major health emergency

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Guinea-Bissau: The fight against cholera continues

One day last month, twelve-year-old Saliu came to his father, complaining of terrible stomach pains. Saliu’s health quickly deteriorated, and his father rushed him to a hospital in Bissau, the capital of Guinea-Bissau, where he was diagnosed with cholera.

Saliu is among many thousands who have fallen ill since cholera broke out in Guinea-Bissau in May. We wrote about it in early September. But, according to Reuters, the disease has still been spreading at a rate of more than 1,000 infections per month. Worst hit are the capital and regions in the west and south.


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NewsNet: Combating cholera

In 1912, a French newspaper personified cholera as a shrouded, scythe-wielding skeleton.

Cholera probably killed U.S. President James K. Polk in 1849, shortly after he left office. This fierce water-borne disease was a major public health menace during the 19th and early 20th centuries, causing widespread death

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Myanmar: What we’re doing and how you can help

— We’ve had an incredibly supportive response to the work we are doing in Myanmar right now. As mentioned in this situation report, UNICEF has been a presence in the country since 1950, and UNICEF’s staff on the ground there has been working exhausting days and long nights to get help to the children and families affected by the cyclone.

Some of you have left comments on the blog asking how you can go to Myanmar with UNICEF and volunteer there in person. First off, thank you for feeling so passionately about both wanting to help, and wanting to be part of UNICEF’s efforts there. It says a lot. Unfortunately, for a whole host of reasons, we’re not able to place volunteers overseas as part of our programs. We do work with volunteers who come to us through the United Nations Volunteer Program. This program is very much like the Peace Corps and it requires specialized skills and a long-term time commitment. If it sounds like something you’d like to pursue, I encourage you to check out the UN Volunteer Program website.

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A woman holds her child amid the debris of their village in Kawhmu Township of Myanmar. The child’s face is smudged with thanaka

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