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1-Day Campaign to Save Syria’s Children


— We are asking you to change the lives of Syria’s children TODAY. For more than two years, the children of Syria have faced unspeakable violence. Humanitarian needs for those affected by the crisis in Syria have doubled. But UNICEF is running out of funds. Millions of children’s lives are in the balance. And that is why we need your help today.

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An Urgent Appeal for Syria’s Children

In Syria, a girl who has been displaced by conflict runs amid ancient ruins, where she is currently sheltering. The ruins have become a source of refuge as they are less likely to be attacked.

— Ted Chaiban, UNICEF director of Emergency Programs, made an appeal today to help meet the urgent needs of children in Syria.
The Syria conflict is one of the gravest crises facing children anywhere in the world today. Four million children’s lives have been devastated, and an entire generation is at risk.

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A Minute on Syria: A Children’s Crisis

Children playing in Aleppo, in Syria.

— Many of us think that the crisis in Syria is a political one. But it is not — it is a children’s crisis, and it is among the biggest in the world. Over 2 million children are affected by the violence in Syria, and over half a million children are refugees. While UNICEF and its partners are doing everything they can to help affected children and families, UNICEF’s efforts are severely underfunded. If funding is not received in the next weeks, millions of children will suffer. We are urgently calling on the entire donor community to support UNICEF’s emergency relief efforts in and around Syria.

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Join us for a Hangout on the Crisis in Syria


— Join us on Thursday, February 28, at 10:00 AM EST, for a Google+ Hangout with Ted Chaiban, the director of Emergency Programs for UNICEF. Ted Chaiban has just come back from Syria, and will report firsthand on the impact the violence there has had on children.

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Syria’s Exiled Children Battle Winter’s Chill

At the Zaatari refugee camp, the heat of summer has given way to cold. ©UNICEF/Jordan-2012/Salah Malkawi

— At the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan, Syria’s exiled children and their families are bracing themselves for the onset of winter. In Jordan’s northern and central regions, temperatures can easily drop below freezing during the winter months, and snowfall is not uncommon. Some of the displaced came prepared when they crossed Syria’s border to reach the camp, while other families came to Jordan with nothing. UNICEF is accelerating plans to winterize the camp and is scaling up assistance to Za’atari’s residents. Still, more help is needed as the temperatures continue to drop.

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A New Threat in Syria: Winter

At the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan, where thousands of Syrian refugees are sheltering, the heat of summer has given way to wind, rain and mud. Once winter fully takes hold, temperatures will drop to zero and below. ©UNICEF/Jordan-2012/Salah Malkawi

— Freezing nights in winter are common in the U.S. That’s not a surprise. It turns out winter nights are also freezing in Syria. The days are often wet or snowy there and in other parts of the Middle East, where more than one million children are affected by Syria’s fighting. Now, in addition to facing danger, these children need hats and gloves, blankets and winter clothing. They need warm places to sleep and access to clean water, health care, and cooking supplies. Respiratory infections and other winter illnesses are a particular worry, since many of these children are especially vulnerable to getting sick due to the stress they have endured.

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