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South Sudanese Flee Upriver to Escape Violence

Boys in Minkaman, South Sudan, launch their canoe into the Nile River. The fishing village now hosts the highest concentration of people displaced by the violent conflict.

— Christopher Tidey is a UNICEF communications specialist on mission to South Sudan. Up until a few months ago, Minkaman, a fishing village on the Nile River, had fewer than 5,000 inhabitants. Since South Sudan’s political crisis erupted on Dec. 15, 2013, the village’s population has swelled to 100,000, as more and more families have fled […]

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As the Rainy Season Approaches, A Rush of Aid to South Sudan

Children at the Tomping Protection of Civilians site in Juba are forced to walk through flooded passages following an early storm on March 7. © UNICEF/South Sudan/2014/CTidey

— Christopher Tidey is a UNICEF Communication Specialist on mission to South Sudan. He writes from the capital, Juba, where 27,000 people have taken refuge from months of violence. “I was sitting with my five brothers and sisters in the tent, playing a game, and then … boom, the rains came down so hard it was […]

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Fleeing the Floods in Mozambique


— We are in the Chiaquelane camp near Chokwe, the city in Mozambique that was devastated by the flooding of the Limpopo River. Most of the city’s 70,000 residents escaped with whatever they could grab, as violent waters engulfed their homes.
Arsenia is 15 years old, and the day the waters came, Arsenia fled her home with three aunts and 12 cousins, most of them under the age of ten.
With no tent for shelter, Arsenia and her family spend long days at Chiaquelane exposed to the elements, come hellish heat or rain. But things are getting better at the camp. Even morning classes have started, a relief for Arsenia, who says she misses school and her schoolbooks.

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A Look at the Devastating Floods in Pakistan

Young girls collect water from the UNICEF-supported water point for families displaced due to flooding in Jacobabad. ©UNICEF/Pakistan/2012/Asad Zaidi

— UNICEF Communication Officer Zeeshan Suhail recently toured the flood-devastated Sindh province of Pakistan. He and UNICEF photographer Asad Zaidi came to talk to families, in particular children, who were displaced by flooding due to this year’s monsoon rains, which have affected over 5 million people. Here is his account highlighting the severity of the situation on the ground as well as UNICEF and partners’ work to support people through this crisis and beyond.

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UNICEF Haiti bracing for tropical storm Emily

— The tropical storm watch for Haiti has been upgraded to a tropical storm warning. Tropical Storm Emily is reportedly moving at 70 km/h in a westward direction across the Caribbean Sea and is expected to reach Port-au-Prince in the early morning of Thursday, 4 August (late Wednesday night).

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Pakistan still inundated

Three weeks after this photo was taken, the humanitarian situation in Pakistan remains dire. This photo of a submerged city in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, the northern province which was the first to be hit by massive flooding, is being replicated throughout the flood zone.

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