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The 2013 Humanitarian Action Report


— You’ve probably heard about the ongoing conflict in Syria. Or the typhoon that struck the Philippines. Or the food crisis in the Sahel region of Africa. But did you know that UNICEF responded to some 200 other emergencies last year? Each year, UNICEF publishes the Humanitarian Action Report, which provides a snapshot of emergencies around the world and describes what needs to be done to help children in their path.

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Responding to emergencies loud and silent


— Few people may get excited to read weighty, official reports. But UNICEF’s Humanitarian Action for Children 2012 is no ordinary report. Instead, it is a gripping portrait of the devastating toll of disasters all over the world and the unrelenting efforts of UNICEF and others to save those in their path.

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Humanitarian Action Report gives voice to silent emergencies

Every year, UNICEF releases a Humanitarian Action Report (known as HAR around here), which shines a spotlight on emergencies you may not even know about. You see, for every headline-grabbing emergency we respond to

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