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Every mother deserves the choice to immunize her child


— Any mother should have the choice to immunize her child whether she lives in Manhattan or the Democratic Republic of the Congo. UNICEF is the world’s largest buyer of vaccines, distributing more than 3 billion doses annually and reaching 56 percent of the world’s children, but it’s not enough. UNICEF in partnership with the WHO, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Centers for Disease Control and others aim to make full immunization a part of every child’s life.

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Report from Dadaab

Yesterday morning, I accompanied UNICEF’s health specialist on the second day of vaccinations at Ifo camp in Dadaab. Over the coming days, more than 220,000 children under five in the camps and host communities will be immunized against measles and polio.

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Polio eradication: “almost” is not good enough

POLIO: when the word is spoken aloud–alone and unconnected–it causes many to think of some ancient and forgotten disease. “Long since eradicated from the world,” many might say. Yet the reality, unfortunately, is very different: Polio is still here and it strikes fear in many parts of the world. Because this horrifying disease still cripples children around the globe.

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UNICEF in Yemen, trying to balance the bad news

If you’ve heard about Yemen at all recently, the news likely hasn’t been good. Two suicide bombings last month-likely the work of Al-Qaeda-killed 25 people in the north and terrified a region already battered by unrest. Despite a ceasefire, clashes between militants and government forces in the northern region of Sa’ada continue to displace thousands of people. And last year’s thwarted Christmas day underwear bomber received training in Yemen.

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Newsnet: putting an end to polio

UNICEF has been battling polio for decades. In 1988, UNICEF teamed up with a coalition of organizations and governments to launch a hugely ambitious partnership called the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. Since then, incidence of polio has dropped by more than 99 percent. Still, polio hangs on. While endemic in only four countries — Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and Nigeria — polio does not respect borders or sovereignty. And all it takes for the disease to spread is for only a few people to remain unvaccinated. Even in places where it has been eliminated, just a handful of new polio cases can reverse decades of work.

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Madagascar’s children need your help

— Budgetary shortfalls have squeezed the Madagascar government, endangering the measles immunization drive. Learn how you can help make sure Madagascar’s children receive preventative health care.

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