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Kid President Talks About UNICEF Inspired Gifts — and THE TRUCK!

Kid President

— Brad Montague and Robby Novak are brothers-in-law and the creators of the popular web series Kid President. They’ve teamed up with the U.S. Fund this holiday season to help UNICEF help kids around the world through Kid President’s Picks and the Kid President Awesome Gifts Fund. My little brother-in-law is named Robby. He’s known to […]

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A Special Gift for Father’s Day


— Over the past few years, every Father’s Day I’ve given my dad a UNICEF Inspired Gift. This year, why not join me and do the same? An Inspired Gift is not just a meaningful way to honor a loved one, it can actually help save lives.

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This Mother’s Day, Give an Inspired Gift

A mother in Bangladesh with her child

— This Sunday is Mother’s Day. But sadly, for many women around the world, the joy of motherhood is engulfed by tragedy.
Maternal mortality is a major preventable cause of death, and UNICEF and partners are using simple, low-cost interventions to save pregnant women’s lives. One of the most effective tools is a birthing kit. This Mother’s Day, you can honor a mother by giving an Inspired Gift of a Safe Birthing Kit, which helps safely deliver 50 babies. And through Sunday, every purchase you make of an Inspired Gift online will be matched dollar for dollar.

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The UNICEF Experience in Dallas


— On Friday, March 1, the U.S. Fund for UNICEF held the second annual UNICEF Experience at The Goss-Michael Foundation in Dallas, Texas.
A truly unique evening, the UNICEF Experience showcased UNICEF’s lifesaving work through interactive exhibits on Survival, Development, Protection, and Emergencies, allowing guests to experience what vulnerable children in developing countries have to face just to survive. With 300-plus guests, the event raised even more than last year’s Experience!

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Thank You for Your Inspired Gifts


— UNICEF and children around the world thank you for your purchase last year of Inspired Gifts! These gifts are actual lifesaving items that you can buy in someone’s honor and that go where they are needed most. They include things like bicycles to help transport vaccines, mosquito nets that protect families against malaria, school supplies, and oral rehydration salts that save children from deadly dehydration.

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This Valentine’s Day, Give an Inspired Gift

UNICEF Inspired Gifts

— Last weekend I thought of a sentiment that sums up Valentine’s Day perfectly for me: “Love grows with sharing.” As you think about getting the perfect gift for your Valentine, what better way to share your love than to give a UNICEF Inspired Gift. Inspired Gifts are real items like therapeutic milk, books or soccer balls, that go to help children around the world. Once you’ve selected your Inspired Gift, you can choose an eCard or a printable card to announce the gift made in honor of your Valentine and how it will be shared to help kids around the world.

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