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Gucci and UNICEF: Something to smile about in Malawi

— Frida Giannini is the Creative Director at Gucci. She joined UNICEF representatives on a field visit to Malawi, where in addition to Mozambique, the company’s five-year long campaign supports UNICEF programs for thousands of orphans and children affected by HIV/AIDS. As Creative Director at Gucci, I have seen first hand how our relationship with UNICEF […]

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Faster information = faster help

Data is the lifeblood of UNICEF’s work. Now before you stop reading this (how can a blog post about data be interesting?) let me tell you about a very cool innovation that UNICEF is using to collect data and apply it toward saving lives. It’s an innovation that makes use of something you probably have in your pocket or backpack right now.


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Gifts that Give: Gucci

Gucci. Ladies, need I say more?

For each purchase from Gucci’s new white TATTOO HEART COLLECTION from November 19 through January 31, Gucci will donate 25 percent of retail sales to support UNICEF programs for orphans and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Malawi and Mozambique. How cool is that?

Gucci’s Creative Director, Frida Giannini, has designed a special version of Gucci’s new TATTOO HEART gift and accessories collection. Items to benefit UNICEF are distinguishable by their solid white background and feature a stylized, illustrated heart tattoo decorated with Gucci’s most iconic symbols

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Guinea-Bissau: The fight against cholera continues

One day last month, twelve-year-old Saliu came to his father, complaining of terrible stomach pains. Saliu’s health quickly deteriorated, and his father rushed him to a hospital in Bissau, the capital of Guinea-Bissau, where he was diagnosed with cholera.

Saliu is among many thousands who have fallen ill since cholera broke out in Guinea-Bissau in May. We wrote about it in early September. But, according to Reuters, the disease has still been spreading at a rate of more than 1,000 infections per month. Worst hit are the capital and regions in the west and south.


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NewsNet: Child mortality drops again

Around this time last year, we at the U.S. Fund were all thrilled to hear some remarkable news.

UNICEF had announced that the number of children dying each year before age five had fallen to 9.7 million

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