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This Mother’s Day, Give an Inspired Gift

A mother in Bangladesh with her child

— This Sunday is Mother’s Day. But sadly, for many women around the world, the joy of motherhood is engulfed by tragedy.
Maternal mortality is a major preventable cause of death, and UNICEF and partners are using simple, low-cost interventions to save pregnant women’s lives. One of the most effective tools is a birthing kit. This Mother’s Day, you can honor a mother by giving an Inspired Gift of a Safe Birthing Kit, which helps safely deliver 50 babies. And through Sunday, every purchase you make of an Inspired Gift online will be matched dollar for dollar.

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Southern Sudan elections: what’s at stake

— On January 9, Sudan will hold a week-long referendum to determine whether the country will remain as one territory or will be divided. The upcoming vote on Southern Sudan’s independence has created significant instability in an already precarious landscape and could result not just in the world’s newest nation … but in escalated violence and human displacement.

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Reducing maternal mortality, the millennium goal

— If I told you that worldwide, the number of mothers who died during pregnancy dropped has dropped by 1/3 in the past 18 years, I hope you would say “that’s great!”

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Humanitarian Action Report gives voice to silent emergencies

Every year, UNICEF releases a Humanitarian Action Report (known as HAR around here), which shines a spotlight on emergencies you may not even know about. You see, for every headline-grabbing emergency we respond to

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The State of the World’s Children

A child born in a developing country is almost 14 times more likely to die during the first month of life than a child born in a developed one. The 2009 edition of UNICEF’s State of the World’s Children report highlights the link between maternal and neonatal survival, and suggests opportunities to close the gap between rich and poor countries.

You can view the interactive version of the report here: unicef.org/sowc09/

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NewsNet: Looking at maternal mortality

My son’s birth was wondrous, awesome and terrifying. Because of a complication, my wife had to undergo an emergency cesarean section. I remember the moment when nurses wheeled her into an operating room and instructed me to take off my shoes, put on some scrubs and wait. “We’ll come and get you,” one of them said, “when we’re ready to begin.”

I stood for a moment, paralyzed by fear, unable even to begin untying my shoes. Would the baby be OK? Did the doctors know what they were doing? And my wife

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