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Tag Archives: Millennium Development Goals

Progress in the fight against AIDS

— This year’s report, Towards Universal Access, assessed HIV/AIDS progress in 144 low- and middle-income countries in 2009. It documents great successes in access to treatment, prevention and prevention of mother-to-child transmission services.

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Thursday video: Obama on development goals

— Yesterday President Obama addressed the UN summit on Millennium Development Goals and announced a new US global development policy that forges stronger ties between foreign aid and national security.

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Monday photo: education for all is a millennium goal

— On the eve of the UN Summit on The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), some 69 million children who should be in school, aren’t.

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Reducing maternal mortality, the millennium goal

— If I told you that worldwide, the number of mothers who died during pregnancy dropped has dropped by 1/3 in the past 18 years, I hope you would say “that’s great!”

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Monday photo: the most basic development goal

— Tackling poverty and hunger, providing universal education, reducing child mortality, reversing the spread of HIV. Those are just 4 of the 8 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set by the United Nations in 2000 as key benchmarks to be reached by 2015.

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International Literacy Day: the toll of Pakistan’s flooding on education

— Today is International Literacy Day, and while we certainly want to celebrate the fact that there are 4 billion literate people in the world today, we must also concede that for far too many, the opportunity to learn to read and write is still a luxury

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