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UNICEF’s Next Generation Photo Exhibit

— Last night, over 400 of UNICEF’s Next Generation’s friends and family gathered to view photos capturing UNICEF’s extraordinary work all over the world.

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UNICEF’s Next Generation gets social

Less than three years from its founding and with over $1 million raised,
UNICEF’s Next Generation is taking its message to the world.

UNICEF’s Next Generation is a diverse group of young professionals, ages 21 to
40, who share a commitment to UNICEF’s future and a belief in Zero.

We realize that UNICEF’s mandate depends on the engagement of every
new generation. We recognize that it will take financial resources, as
well as education, engagement and advocacy to reduce the number of
daily preventable child deaths from 22,000 every day, to zero. Because of
this we are spreading the vision of UNICEF’s Next Generation to our peers
across the world through Social Media. Led by a Social Media
Committee that includes John Kluge, Manish Vora, Elise Jordan, Danielle
Abraham, Nell Diamond and Erin Lieber (see below for more information),
Next Gen will educate, engage and advocate through various social outlets
including Facebook & Twitter.

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UNICEF Next Generation update

— Going into its third year, UNICEF’s Next Generation is growing strong. Three projects have now been completed -Next Gen has truly made a difference in the lives of children and families in Guatemala, Ethiopia and Haiti.

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Next Gen to help fund Pakistan health workers

Suruchi Ahuja is a UNICEF Next Generation Steering Committee member.

UNICEF’s Next Generation is excited to support the Community and Lady Health Workers program. Every year, almost 460,000 Pakistani children under the age of 5 die from preventable causes and nearly one in ten will not see their fifth birthday. Pneumonia and diarrhea are the main killers of young children and their low status in society can leave them at risk to daily violence at home and in school, and at risk of organized trafficking and sexual exploitation. Girls are particularly vulnerable as conservative attitudes often prevent them attending or finishing school.

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Lauren Bush travels to Guatemala to see UNICEF “Sprinkles” programs!

Lauren Bush, Co-Founder and CEO of FEED Projects, UNICEF’s Next Generation Steering Committee member and proud supporter of UNICEF, traveled to Guatemala with UNICEF to see the programs her company FEED Projects helps support through the purchase of their FEED Guatemala bags.

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Inspired Mothers: Tune in for a really bright idea

— With Mother’s Day just around the corner, the FEED Guatemala Bags for UNICEF really are a bright idea!

Handmade by women artisans in Guatemala from traditional Ikat fabrics, the FEED Guatemala pouch and bag will be available for purchase exclusively at Lord & Taylor stores nationwide and online just in time for Mother’s Day. FEED bags are part of the FEED Projects co-founded by UNICEF Next Generation steering committee member Lauren Bush. The goal of the FEED Projects is to support partners like UNICEF who provide nutrition to children through the sale of FEED bags. Lack of nutrition is a serious problem in Guatemala with nearly 23% of children over three months and under five years of age suffering from malnutrition while almost one-half suffer from chronic malnutrition. After travelling to Guatemala with UNICEF, Lauren wanted to double her efforts for the nutrition programs there – hence, the FEED Guatemala bags.

Here’s how it works: for every FEED 1 pouch sold, FEED donates $3.50 to the U.S Fund for UNICEF to provide daily nutrition for a child in Guatemala. For every FEED 3 Guatemala bag sold, FEED donates $10.50 to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, to provide daily nutrition for 3 kids for a year. That’s a whole lot of numbers but it’s really simple – FEED 1 pouch will help 1 child and FEED 3 bag will help 3 children for not one day or one month but an entire year.

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