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On Mother’s Day honor her by helping others

Honor her by helping others

It’s not too late to get the women in your life a great Mother’s Day gift. Thank her by helping mothers and their families survive and grow by sending a UNICEF Inspired Gift eCard. Inspired Gifts gives you the opportunity to purchase actual life-saving items that will be shipped directly to one of over 150 countries where UNICEF serves.

Here are some gift ideas:

  • For the countless meals cooked, thank her by providing the gift of nutrition to a child in need.

  • For the doctor’s visits for shots, thank her by providing 86 children with a polio vaccine.

  • For the help with homework assignments, thank her with the gift of notebooks and pencils.

  • For the baths after a day of playing in the mud, thank her with the gift of clean water.

The gift may seem simple, but the gesture is immense. Honoring her by providing others with Inspired Gifts means no children falling prey to malnutrition, no young lives lost for lack of immunizations and no child denied the chance to learn and play. It means you believe that no child should fall victim to a preventable cause.

Make her proud, and purchase UNICEF Inspired Gifts today!

* Be sure to choose our ecard option to ensure delivery by Mother’s Day.

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UNICEF’s comfort food

I’m a firm believer in comfort food. It does wonders for the soul and imparts a sense of contentment. My favorite comfort foods are definitely milk and cookies. For many of us these are the quintessential pair of comfort foods, the items sure to cure whatever ails us. For others, these items are beyond comfort and convenience

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Newsnet: old problems, new innovations

A cell phone can help save a life.

The power of technological innovation to produce positive change in the developing world was the focus of the fifth annual Web4Dev conference, hosted last week by UNICEF. The gathering of experts from the UN system, academia, and the private sector, explored how new and existing mobile and online technologies can be used to tackle poverty and disease and help achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

UNICEF executive director Ann M. Veneman called upon participants to put innovation at the service of humanity. Ms. Veneman cited an example of a remarkable joint initiative between UNICEF and Columbia University in which health workers in developing countries are using mobile phones and SMS text messages to track the nutritional status of children in remote communities. To learn more about this amazing project, read this earlier post by my colleague Jen Banbury.

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Faster information = faster help

Data is the lifeblood of UNICEF’s work. Now before you stop reading this (how can a blog post about data be interesting?) let me tell you about a very cool innovation that UNICEF is using to collect data and apply it toward saving lives. It’s an innovation that makes use of something you probably have in your pocket or backpack right now.


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Marcus Samuelsson: Give the gift of nutrition

10788.jpgPeanut butter and jelly sandwiches, what kid doesn’t love that! The savory taste of the peanut butter mixed with the sweetness of jelly makes for the perfect treat. Unfortunately many children in developing countries have never been given the chance to experience this childhood favorite.

Therapeutic Nut Spread is a high protein, peanut-based paste, very similar to peanut butter that can revive a child suffering from malnutrition. Malnutrition, caused by such things as poverty and crop failure can severely compromise a child’s chances at survival.

Plumpy Nut has revolutionized the aid community’s ability to address the issue of malnutrition by placing the care of children back into the hands of a child’s mother or immediate family member. Once a child has been brought back from the brink of severe malnutrition, UNICEF doctors and nutrition specialists will give mothers a supply of Plumpy Nut to feed to her child

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Inspired Gifts: Give thanks


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