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A UNICEF worker killed in Afghanistan

If you follow the news, you likely know about the brutal attack on a UN guesthouse in Kabul, Afghanistan just over a month ago. On October 28, Taliban militants staged an early morning raid

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Monday UNICEF pic: Pakistan

Pneumonia is the leading cause of mortality in children under 5, killing more than 4,000 every day.


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Monday UNICEF pic: Pakistan

Today is the International Day of Peace.

Here’s a photo to celebrate it:

A girl stands in front of a blackboard, Pakistan </p>
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A back-to-school shopping tip

As you head out to do your back-to-school shopping, a desk lamp may be on your list. If so, consider this: purchasing a SUNNAN solar powered lamp at IKEA at a cost of $19.99 will not only provide you with light but also light-up the life of a child. In a unique new initiative, IKEA (a long-time partner) has teamed up with UNICEF to enable children to play, read, write and study at night, even if their homes have no electricity.

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A UNICEF staff member is killed in Pakistan

We’re still reeling from the death of UNICEF staff member Perseveranda So. In case you haven’t seen the news, So was killed in the massive car bomb explosion that hit the Pearl Continental Hotel in Peshawar, Pakistan on Tuesday. The hotel was acting as home base for many aid workers, including more than 25 staffers from UN agencies. All told, 5 of the 17 people killed in the blast were with UN agencies responding to the region’s growing humanitarian crisis.


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Surge of displacement in Pakistan continues

Only a few days have passed since we last checked in on the growing crisis in Pakistan, but those few days have been enough time to change thousands of lives. In the month of May alone, more people have been displaced in Pakistan than were displaced over 3 years in Darfur.

Since August of last year, conflict between pro-Taliban militants and Pakistan’s government forces has seethed in Pakistan’s northwest frontier region. Over the last month, as fighting has intensified, the number of people who have fled their homes has swollen to 2.4 million. That’s the single largest movement of people in Pakistan since the partition that created the country.

Most frightening of all, it’s estimated that 65% of the displaced are children.

Pakistan (May 29, 2009), a displaced girl waits with adults for food during a distribution in the Chota Lahore camp in Swabi District in North-West Frontier Province (NWFP). The camp is one of the many created in the past few weeks to accommodate people fleeing the current conflict.

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