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Infographic: Vaccines Work

— This World Immunization Week, UNICEF is highlighting one of the most cost-effective public health investments — vaccines. Vaccines have helped to cut child deaths in half over the last two decades. Yet today, 1.5 million children under five still die every year from diseases that could have been prevented by vaccines. Learn more in this […]

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UNICEF Report: Children Under Siege in Syria

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— Donate Now The number of Syrian children who need humanitarian assistance has more than doubled in a year — according to a new report published today by UNICEF. The most hard hit: up to a million children trapped in areas of Syria that are under siege or are hard to reach because of violence. Under […]

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India Celebrates Major Milestone in Polio Eradication

A child receives the polio vaccine in a slum in Mumbai, india. © UNICEF/INDA2012-00433/Sandeep Biswas

— Once considered the most stubborn of breeding grounds for polio, India reached a major milestone today, marking three years since its last-reported polio case. Without a single new infection in the past two years, India can claim to be polio-free. Nicole Deutsch, head of polio operations for UNICEF in India, called it a “monumental milestone”. […]

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New Report: 11,000 Children Killed in Syria Since 2011

Children at the Kawergosk camp for Syrian refugees, just west of Erbil, Iraq. © UNICEF/NYHQ2013-1015/ALESSIO ROMENZI

— 11,420 children have been killed in Syria’s conflict over the last 30 months according to a report released yesterday by the London-based Oxford Research Group. The report, Stolen Futures: The Hidden Toll of Child Casualties in Syria, details the extent to which children are this war’s true victims, often deliberately targeted for killing. Seven out […]

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Inside Syria: First Polio Outbreak Since 1999

A man holds a young boy in Atma, a camp for internally displaced Syrians near the border with Turkey. Immense displacement caused by the war has led to the breakdown of routine immunization systems.  © UNICEF/NYHQ2013-0691/GIOVANNI DIFFIDENTI

— The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed 10 cases of polio yesterday among children in the eastern Syrian province of Deir al-Zouwar. It is the country’s first outbreak in 14 years, and UNICEF is mobilizing a huge supply operation to make sure that vaccines are in place to immunize 2.4 million children across the country. A further 12 suspected cases […]

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A Look at UNICEF’s Work in Afghanistan

Sitting next to another girl, Holia, 8, from the Jogi ethnic group, writes in her textbook at a UNICEF-supported community based school in northern Afghanistan. This is first time ever that they are able to attend this tented, community-based school. UNICEF supports this school with teacher training, incentives for teachers, textbooks, and other school materials. © UNICEF/AFGA2010-01093/Shehzad Noorani

— Recently, Vidhya Ganesh, UNICEF Afghanistan’s Deputy Representative, visited UNICEF headquarters in New York. Jennifer Lee spoke with her about UNICEF’s work in Afghanistan, which emphasizes polio eradication, child survival, and giving girls equal access to education.

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