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Tap your friends on Facebook

A new Facebook application–Tap Your Friends–is spreading the message of the Tap Project throughout the Facebook community. The app is meant to demonstrate water’s power to both take and save lives depending on its quality.

You can use the application to send clean or dirty glasses of water to your friends. Tap Your Friends allows users to accumulate points for how much clean water they’ve sent out.

The Tap Project on Facebook

The more points a user gets, the better their status. All users start out as an Empty Glass and must give out 50 glasses of clean water to achieve the status of Rain Maker.

Check it out today!

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Sixth graders at Wilmington Montessori are recruiting restaurants, are you?


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New York Times on Tap

— Did you happen to catch New York Times Columnist Stuart Elliott’s feature story about the Tap Project in yesterday’s business section? He did a great job discussing how the annual campaign to help raise funds for UNICEF’s clean water and sanitation programs has grown from a local NYC-based initiative in 2007, to a flourishing national movement in 2009.

The piece even features some of the creative promotional materials and innovative ad campaigns that the Tap Project’s newest media partners in Puerto Rico and Utah (among others) have created to raise awareness and raise vital dollars.

Click here to check out the article, if you haven’t already. Or visit www.nytimes.com/business/media and look for Elliott’s article titled, “A Campaign for Clean Drinking Water Expands.”

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Recruiting restaurants on the cold streets of Brooklyn

As most of the country knows by now

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Campaign Volunteers are hitting the pavement

As of February 23 there are 2384 registered Tap Project Campaign Volunteers! More than 350 Campaign Volunteers attended and were trained at Tap Project regional trainings in one of seven cities, and just last week we held our final trainings in San Francisco and Chicago.

Each training was very successful, and attended by people who want to take action locally to help provide clean water and sanitation to children around the world. The energy and the enthusiasm at each of the trainings has been spreading around the country as more and more volunteers pitch and recruit more restaurants.

Tap Project Campaign Volunteers are hitting the pavement, recruiting restaurants to participate in the program, and hundreds have already joined us. If you know of a restaurant that would be interested in participating, sign up hereas a Campaign Volunteer, or simply ask them to learn more at tapproject.org, or call 1.877.PROJ.TAP for more information.

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Tapping this weekend in San Francisco and Chicago

This Saturday, we’re offering our last two Tap Project Campaign Volunteer Regional Training Days, in Chicago and San Francisco. Not only are the trainings informative about the Tap Project and UNICEF’s lifesaving work, offering “real-life” practice in recruiting restaurants, but they also allow volunteers to meet each other, connect and share tips.

Tap Project restaurant decal

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