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Interactive: India’s Journey to Polio Eradication

Timeline preview - India Polio

— To mark World Immunization Week, we’d like to recognize one of history’s great public health achievements: the eradication of polio in India. Just five years ago, India accounted for half of polio cases worldwide, but in March 2014, the World Health Organization officially certified India as polio-free. This interactive timeline explains how India won the battle […]

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Chicago Young Ambassadors Support the Elimination of MNT

UNICEF’s Young Ambassadors are supporting the Midwest Region’s two-year campaign to raise $3 million for The Eliminate Project. From left to right: Brendan Buckley, Laney Buckley, Dr. Rownak Khan, Aidan Luce, Abby Dietlin, Gwyn Brown. Photo: Nelly Ingraham.

— Dr. Rownak Khan, Senior Health Specialist with UNICEF, visited UNICEF supporters in Chicago on January 30 to talk about eliminating Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus (MNT) — a deadly disease that kills one newborn every nine minutes. In July 2013, the Midwest Regional Board of the U.S. Fund of UNICEF launched a two-year campaign to raise […]

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UNICEF’s Anthony Lake: Central African Republic Is
At a “Tipping Point”

Children at a temporary camp for internally displaced people in Bangui, Central African Republic. ©REUTERS/Andreea Campeanu

— A new interim president, Catherine Samba-Panza, was appointed on Monday in the Central African Republic (CAR), prompting renewed hope that the crisis in the troubled country will finally come under control. Samba-Panza, the former mayor of Bangui, the capital, and a leader of past reconciliation efforts, took office after the resignations of the interim President […]

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Inside Syria: First Polio Outbreak Since 1999

A man holds a young boy in Atma, a camp for internally displaced Syrians near the border with Turkey. Immense displacement caused by the war has led to the breakdown of routine immunization systems.  © UNICEF/NYHQ2013-0691/GIOVANNI DIFFIDENTI

— The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed 10 cases of polio yesterday among children in the eastern Syrian province of Deir al-Zouwar. It is the country’s first outbreak in 14 years, and UNICEF is mobilizing a huge supply operation to make sure that vaccines are in place to immunize 2.4 million children across the country. A further 12 suspected cases […]

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An Urgent Appeal for Syria’s Children

In Syria, a girl who has been displaced by conflict runs amid ancient ruins, where she is currently sheltering. The ruins have become a source of refuge as they are less likely to be attacked.

— Ted Chaiban, UNICEF director of Emergency Programs, made an appeal today to help meet the urgent needs of children in Syria.
The Syria conflict is one of the gravest crises facing children anywhere in the world today. Four million children’s lives have been devastated, and an entire generation is at risk.

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Lenny Kravitz: Help Vaccinate Every Child

Lenny Kravitz and UNICEF

— Thirty years ago, only one out of five children were immunized against killer diseases like measles and polio. Throughout the developing world, millions of children were dying of illnesses that had all but disappeared in the world’s wealthier countries. Since then, a near miracle has taken place. Now, four out of five children are protected by vaccines. Polio is on the verge of elimination. Measles and tetanus deaths have been reduced dramatically. This miracle did not happen by itself.

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